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PaHRtners is searching for a CEO for the high-potential e-Health start-up Digital Orthopaedics


Digital Orthopaedics is an innovative e-Health company providing a comprehensive Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) dedicated to resolving musculoskeletal pathologies in the foot or ankle areas with 3D simulation and digital twin technology.

Personalized care in orthopedic surgery

Co-founded by Eric Halioua (ex-CEO), Dr Bruno Ferré (Medical Director) and Dr Thibaut Leemrijse (Medical Director), Digital Orthopaedics is dedicated to revolutionizing patient healthcare in orthopaedic surgery. Digital Orthopaedics’ ambition is to transform the planning and execution of orthopedic surgeries and treatment with the ultimate goal of personalizing orthopedic treatments through the innovative use of ideation, modeling and 3D simulation.

Since 2016, teams of engineers and physicians have been working closely together to generate highly innovative solutions and results. The company lately got the CE Mark and is planning to commercialize its products in the coming 12 months.

A disruptive technology to resolving musculoskeletal pathologies

The startup provides surgeons, patients, and medical devices companies with a state of the art CDSS to identify the optimal treatment and surgical therapeutic plan for each patient. This innovative approach is a lever for accelerating the progress of the various precision medicine initiatives that are developing at the international level.

Digital Orthopaedics’ solutions also assist medical device companies with a mechanism of virtual clinical studies for testing implants and prosthetic ankles.

Click here and check their solutions in video :

Ready to take this innovative e-Health start-up to the next level?

Digital Orthopaedics is looking for a CEO to raise funds, federate the teams, and lead the solution development as well as its commercialization!

Digital Orthopaedics is based near the geographic center of Belgium, in the Axisparc of Mont-Saint-Guibert. The company currently employs 20 people.

Please check the full job description and apply for it just here.


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