PaHRtners is hiring for CryoTherapeutics in Belgium

MedTech hiring Cryotherapeutics

CryoTherapeutics is a MedTech company developing a novel catheter system which utilizes cryoenergy to treat and prevent heart attacks. PaHRtners will support them in hiring different profiles in Belgium.


Cryotherapy: a promising technology at the heart of CryoTherapeutics’ mission

Established in 2009 in Germany by Dr. John Yianni, CEO, and Dr. Maurice Buchbinder, CMO (Chief Medical Officer), CryoTherapeutics is focusing on the development, demonstration of clinical benefit, and commercialization of cryotherapy systems for the treatment of coronary artery disease that causes heart attacks. The company plans to start its clinical trials later this year in Sweden.

The safety and efficacy of cryoenergy in the cardiovascular system has been demonstrated and CryoTherapeutics intends to extend the benefits of cryoenergy to the problem of diseased coronary arteries.

Supported by several strong investors and business angels, CryoTherapeutics raised a total of €18.7M in funding over 3 rounds. The last funding was raised in 2019 from a Series B round.


CryoTherapeutics collaborates with PaHRtners in order to recruit in Belgium

We are delighted to announce the recruitment of various profiles to join CryoTherapeutics team in Belgium. All job opportunities are based in Liège (Awans).

John Yianni, CEO : “There were a lot of good reasons for coming here (…) including a very strong pool of talents because we are recruiting people to join the company now that we’re located in the Liège region. In fact we started the recruitment only a couple of weeks ago and we have a lot of applicants already for our positions here, who were very well qualified.”

Want to join this dynamic MedTech company?


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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Clinical Research Associate / Manager

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Senior R&D Project Leader

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Console System Engineer

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Senior R&D Engineer – Catheter

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R&D Engineer – Catheter

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Product Regulatory Affairs Specialist

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Regulatory Affairs Manager

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