Smart cities: public lighting revolution by Belgian tech startup SmartNodes

smartnodes hiring

The ULg/UCL spin-off SmartNodes, launched in 2014, proposes a smart system revolutionizing the concept of public lighting: providing light only when and where needed, at the right level.

The dispositive, working on LED lampposts with decentralized modules, presents many benefits compared to its competitors: a decrease of power consumption up to 80%*, an improved visual comfort and security to the road users, in addition to the robustness and reliability of the system.

SmartNodes takes part in the innovative smart city trend by implementing technology to the street infrastructure to improve urban life. A smart city uses ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve the quality of government services**.

Thanks to companies like SmartNodes, Europe may become the leader with the largest number of smart cities projects by 2040. The European Commission launched in 2012 the European Innovation Partnership on smart Cities and Communities to support such projects.

Want to become part of this green-tech spin-off?

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with SmartNodes in the selection of various profiles to complete the team. We are currently looking for an Application Engineer, an Administrative Assistant, a Customer Account Engineer and a Customer Application Engineer. The positions are based in Liège and in Germany.


Application Engineer

SmartNodes is looking for an application engineer to identify technical upgrade of current solutions and to develop new customer applications cases based on the technology.

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Administrative Assistant

SmartNodes is looking for an administrative assistant to support the CEO in the daily management of the administrative and organizational requests from internal services.

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Customer Account Engineer

SmartNodes is looking for a customer account engineer to expand SmartNodes’ business on an internal scale, mainly in Germany and DACH regions.

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Customer Application Engineer

SmartNodes is looking for a customer application engineer to manage the contact with the customers in both pre- and after-sales operations.

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* La Libre Belgique, November 2014, SmartNodes, la spin-off de l’ULg qui éclaire intelligemment

** Internet Of Things Agenda