We are recruiting a CEO for a 100% Belgian Biotech Company! ChemCom presents its biological nose

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ChemCom scientists have developed a revolutionary technology: a biological nose capable of imitating human olfaction.

Blocking bad smells or amplifying good smells is now possible

Headquartered in Brussels, ChemCom is the first biotechnology company in the world to target Human Olfactory Receptors (hORs). Its researchers have succeeded in imitating human olfaction through a “biological nose”, a real artificial human nose that reproduces the olfactory activities of our nose.

Christian Van Osselaer, CEO of ChemCom explains: “In a few hours, our biological nose can analyse complex scents that the best human noses would take months or even years to break down. We have the world’s largest library of olfactory molecules and can find those that will fight bad smells, boost good ones or reformulate complex compositions”.

Various applications on common consumer products

This technological innovation can be used instead of the scents that are mainly used: detergents, deodorants, deodorisers, cosmetics, etc.

There are also promising opportunities for the development of new-generation medical treatments or dermatological products, since olfactory receptors are also present in the skin and organs.

After the smell, the taste! As the biological nose allows the targeting of taste receptors, this solution could soon reach the food industry, to provide a sweet taste or replace glutamate for example.

Want to join this highly innovative biotechnology company?

ChemCom is a biotechnology company based in Brussels on the medical campus of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. The company currently employs 15 people. ChemCom is recruiting:


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