PaHRtners is a Belgian
consultancy firm specialized
in human resources.

Our speciality?
Delivering guidance to growing organisations around their HR challenges?:
recruitment and selection, skills assessment and HR strategy.


Discover our team

Photo 1 - Francois-Michel Bury.jpg Photo 2 - Francois-Michel Bury.jpg

François-Michel Bury

Managing Partner/Founder

"Supporting the growth of exciting projects, achieving success together and making you smile!" An anecdote? The day when "a small party for friends" transformed into "250 people in my garden" 🤗

Photo 1 - Laurane Heinnaux.jpg Photo 2 - Laurane Heinnaux.jpg

Laurane Heinnaux

Business Development Manager & Team Leader

"Discovering the innovations of tomorrow and contribute to their development from today." My favourite activity? Whether it is water skiing or tennis, I like to move as much as postponing my alarm clock until noon. 🙊

Photo 1 - Camille Bertrand.jpg Photo 2 - Camille Bertrand.jpg

Camille Bertrand

AC/DC Coordinator & Team Leader

"Discovering various sectors and jobs through rich interactions" 🤝 A fun fact? I can spell a word disconcertingly quickly…

Photo 1 - Manon Navez.jpg Photo 2 - Manon Navez.jpg

Manon Navez

Sourcing Coordinator & Team Leader

"Helping clients find those rare gems and contributing to the development of great companies." A passion? J'irai où tu iras, mon pays sera toi… 🎶

Photo 1 - Antoine Paternostre.jpg Photo 2 - Antoine Paternostre.jpg

Antoine Paternostre

HR Consultant & PMO

"Contributing to the development of business projects, helping candidates to find a job that suits them" A passion? It's hard to choose between scouting and chocolate… 😋

Photo 1 - Salome Simons.jpg Photo 2 - Salome Simons.jpg

Salomé Simons

HR Consultant & Communication Officer

"Enriching myself with the diversity of the job and the domains in which we work and give back" An anecdote? I was a gymnast for 15 years, I even had the chance to compete in the US 🤸🏻‍♀‍

Photo 1 - Sarah Bodenghien.jpg Photo 2 - Sarah Bodenghien.jpg

Sarah Bodenghien

HR Consultant

"Providing new career opportunities and introducing great companies to our candidates." A dream? Visiting Canada again in the fall 🍁

Photo 1 - Martin Canon.jpg Photo 2 - Martin Canon.jpg

Martin Canon

HR Consultant

« La satisfaction de participer à une évolution positive dans la vie professionnelle de chouettes candidats » Un rêve ? Devenir musicien professionnel… On peut rêver ! 🎶

Photo 1 - Fleur Cleiren.jpg Photo 2 - Fleur Cleiren.jpg

Fleur Cleiren

Administration & Office Manager

« Faciliter le quotidien de toute l’équipe et résoudre les petits bugs, tout en faisant fonctionner l’aspect administratif » Un fun fact ? C’est normal d’avoir des daims dans mon jardin ? 🦌

Photo 1 - Tina Louis.jpg Photo 2 - Tina Louis.jpg

Tina Louis

HR Consultant

« Accompagner les candidats à travers une aventure qui peut changer leur quotidien » Une passion ? Le piano ou le jet-ski à bras 🎹💦

Photo 1 - Ornella Tognolli.jpg Photo 2 - Ornella Tognolli.jpg

Ornella Tognolli

HR Consultant

« Trouver le match parfait et contribuer à l’épanouissement professionnel de la personne qui va être engagée » Un hobby ? Le ski ⛷

Photo 1 - Emily Xhaet.jpg Photo 2 - Emily Xhaet.jpg

Emily Xhaët

HR Consultant

« Travailler avec des entreprises en croissance dont le projet apporte une vraie plus-value à la société » Un rêve dans la vie ? Partir plusieurs mois visiter l’Amérique du Sud ! ✈️ 🧳

Photo 1 - Baptiste Vrignaud.jpg Photo 2 - Baptiste Vrignaud.jpg

Baptiste Vrignaud

HR Consultant d'en savoir plus sur notre nouveau collègue ? Encore un peu de patience... 😉

Photo 1 - Olivia Tatti.jpg Photo 2 - Olivia Tatti.jpg

Olivia Tatti

HR Consultant d'en savoir plus sur notre nouvelle collègue ? Encore un peu de patience... 😉

Photo 1 - Clémence Derenne.jpg Photo 2 - Clémence Derenne.jpg

Clémence Derenne

HR Consultant

SUPER stagiaire 🤩 Master en Psychologie du Travail et des Organisations 💡

Photo 1 - Denis Maindiaux.jpg Photo 2 - Denis Maindiaux.jpg

Denis Maindiaux

HR Consultant

SUPER stagiaire 🤩 Master en Psychologie du Travail et des Organisations 💡


Envie de rejoindre notre équipe

PaHRtners est toujours à la recherche de personnes passionnées, n'hésitez pas à postuler !

Nous contacter

Our motto

"Together, how
do we achieve that?"



Easy and enjoyable collaborations

We pride ourselves on being accessible and approachable, both within the team and with our clients. With us, you can be sure of a relaxed and positive atmosphere to find solutions together. Everything is on first-name terms!



A close-knit team

We are not lacking ideas for strengthening team cohesion: whether it's getting on a sledge pulled by huskies, running a marathon together, or doing a litter pick, we are up for it!



Daily challenges

Taking on challenges as a team, with empathy and respect for everyone, is in our DNA. Together, we go further!


Our values


Establish genuine relations and be yourself.


Keep to commitments, with respect for everyone.


Communicate accurately.

Our partners

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    Bernadette Bertemes Ingenium RH in
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    Gaëtan Vanreusel Camario in
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    Bérangère Bernard DynamikHR in
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    Leila Kerdoudi Dequinze Elyxe in
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    Amaury Senterre Senterre HR Services in
  • sophie-maes.jpg
    Sophie Maes Jobs & People in
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    Fabienne Tjoens Alhemio HR Solutions in
  • frederic-lemans.png
    Frédéric Lemans Namatolo in


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