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As an extension of your human resources, PaHRtners is a genuine partner that you can count on. We aim to build high quality relationships, so we handle your HR projects with the utmost care, and do not hesitate to challenge you where necessary.

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    Inspiring collaborations

    Success story

    "In the last 3 years, PaHRtners has helped us to recruit 14 people, including 4 Members of the Management Committee. Through their strategic guidance and their in-depth knowledge of the challenges of our company, the PaHRtners team helps us make the right decisions and is a true pillar for our growth."

    Vincent Caulier CEO - Brasserie Caulier
  • Philippe Durieux - Sopartec

    Inspiring collaborations

    Success story

    "HR is a vital component of start-ups and spin-offs. This is why we use PaHRtners for our Executive Appraisals. Their external analysis means that the appraisal is objective and transparent. It solidifies the managerial qualities of the founders on their entrepreneurial journey while helping the team to evolve in a calm and constructive way."

    Philippe Durieux CEO - Sopartec
  • Ann Schietecatte - IRA

    Inspiring collaborations

    Success story

    "We used the services of the PaHRtners Assessment & Development Center because of their expertise, experience in the life sciences sectors and in-depth knowledge of our company. We are very happy with the support they provided throughout the process. Their flexible, professional approach really helped us make recruitment decisions and identify the development potential of our employees."

    Ann Schietecatte Head of Human Resources - IRE
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    Inspiring collaborations

    Success story

    "We are very happy with our collaboration with PaHRtners. Their methodology is very professional and at the same time simple enough to be used for a start-up."

    Pierre-Antoine Mariage joint CEO BOTALYS
  • Group 7.jpg

    Inspiring collaborations

    Success story

    "We were extremely satisfied with the collaboration we had with PaHRtners to recruit two senior managers. The joy and enthusiasm of the exchanges strengthened our wish to continue the collaboration."

    Christian van Osselaer Ex-CEO of the Life Sciences division of Floridienne Chemicals
  • Fabrice Clavie - PaHRtners - References Assessment Center (2).jpg

    Inspiring collaborations

    Success story

    "We used the services of the PaHRtners Assessment Center to handle our search for internal candidates. This was an objective approach which involved management in the final decisions and provided the tools they needed to give candidates quality feedback to enable them to pursue their development. Our partnership produced a process that was truly in line with our values."

    Fabrice Clavie Ex-HR Manager - Spa & Bru

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